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E7Health is a preventative health and wellness company supervised by Board Certified Doctors
Vaccine Services

We are now e7 Health!

Why e7 Health? Due to our success and growth, we wanted a name that would more adequately represent the 7 areas of health care (Travel Medicine, Student Health, Corporate Health Services, Drug Testing, STD Testing, Physicals and Labs, and Vaccines) offerings we provide and to highlight advanced technology that we are using to integrate all 7 areas of health care.

A Preventative Health and Wellness Company

e7 Health (previously The Vaccine Center) is a preventative health and wellness company that is supervised by Board Certified Doctors. We offer same day and next day appointments and allow you to book your appointments online! We specialize in travel medicine, student health, employee health, drug testing, STD testing, physical exams, immigration exams, and laboratory services. We are committed to providing the safest and highest quality care to our patients and clients. We are proud of the highly qualified and dedicated professional staff at e7 Health for their commitment to providing a positive and comfortable clinic for our patients. We strive every day to ensure that all of our patients are satisfied and well taken care of. We look forward to serving you!

Travel Medicine

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Travel Medicine Services

Let our Travel Clinicians advise you on what travel vaccines and prescriptions are recommended for your trip. All our travel vaccination recommendations are based on CDC guidelines and protocols. So the next time you ask, what shots do I need for travel? We can help! Our Travel Doctors or Travel Clinicians will not only let you know what travel vaccines are advised for your specific itinerary but can also write for all prescriptions needed, as well as go over food, water, insect and all safety precautions. We offer same day and next day appointments and allow you to book your appointments online! Vaccinations for travel are an important part of your travel safety when traveling abroad, especially when traveling to the developing world. Seeing a Travel Medicine Expert is the best way to ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure abroad. Travel immunizations are the first step in this process. We carry in stock all vaccines available in the US, including hard to find vaccines like ORAL/IM Typhoid Vaccine, Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine, Rabies Vaccine, and Yellow Fever Vaccine. We also carry Hepatitis A Vaccine, Hepatitis B Vaccine, Hepatitis A/B Vaccine, Polio Vaccine, Tetanus and Pertussis/Whooping Cough (Td and TDAP) Vaccine, Varicella Vaccine, MMR Vaccine, Shingles Vaccine, Typhoid Shot Vaccine, Meningococcal Vaccine, Flu Vaccine, Pneumococcal Vaccine and HPV Vaccine. We are designated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as an Authorized US Yellow Fever Vaccine Clinic. We provide Travel Medicine Consultations by reviewing each client's specific itinerary, previous immunizations, medical history, allergies, and contraindications and then offer the following:

Safe Summer Travel

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  • All appropriate vaccines (based on CDC Guidelines).
  • Draw blood titers in house to prove immunity from previous vaccinations or exposures if requested.
  • Prescriptions for medications including Anti-Malarial, Traveler's Diarrhea, Acute Mountain Sickness Prevention, etc. as indicated.
  • Up to date health information for your travel needs, including insect precautions and insect repellents, blood clot prevention for long air flights, water and food precautions, current outbreaks and health and safety concerns for areas of travel.
  • More Information on Travel Services
  • We offer same day and next day appointments and allow you to book your appointments online!
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Corporate Health Services

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Corporate Health Services

e7 Health is your complete employee health solution. We can set your company up with an account and have your employees come in to our office using a voucher system or we can set up an on-site clinic for us to come to you. Once your employees have received a service, you as the employer will receive a copy of their records directly. We keep all employee records in our Electronic Medical Records system and will provide you with detailed monthly billing of all services. We also input all vaccines into the State Immunization database so you and your employee will have a permanent immunization record forever. Once your account has been set up, our Medical Director is available to you for unlimited consultations and advice! We can usually get your employees in for a same day or next day appointment, they can book their appointment online and can pre-register for their appointment!

It is like having a complete Employee Health Department for your company without all the cost, work and overhead. More Information on Employee Services

Student Health Services

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Student Health Services

e7 Health provides all of the health-related services your school requires whether it's for K-12, college or technical school, graduate school, ROTC, and fire science programs. We provide vaccinations, TB skin testing and Quantiferon, chest x-rays, sports and school physicals, titers, and drug testing! Why go to several different places to meet your school requirements when you can do it all at one clinic? We provide you with proof of immunization at the same appointment. We offer same day and next day appointments and allow you to book your appointments online! We can help students complete vaccines for clinical rotations or school deadlines by scheduling vaccines in a series in advance. We even send you an email reminder when your next vaccine is due!

From children to college students to adults, we all need vaccines. We keep all vaccines in stock at all times to make sure we can help keep you up to date and protected from serious diseases. Making sure you or your child is up to date is the best way to provide the best protection possible.

  • We offer student discounts (with student ID) for all school vaccines.
  • You can have your vaccines, TB skin test, physicals and titers all in one place.
  • We waive the administrative/office fee for students for all school vaccines. Other clinics can charge up to $25 administrative fee per visit. This can add $75 extra to a three-shot series like the hepatitis B Vaccine.
  • We can review student's vaccination records and offer ONLY the vaccines needed based on the schools requirements which can help save time and money.
  • We can draw blood titers in house for vaccines you may already have had or been exposed to, as proof for your school. This can be a fraction of the cost of getting the vaccine again. We email you the results!
  • Our titer prices are up to 50% lower than most labs.
  • We can help students complete vaccines for clinical rotations or school deadlines by scheduling vaccines in a series in advance. We even send you an email reminder when your next vaccine is due!
  • Unlike some clinics, we read the results of both steps of a 2-step TB skin test. If positive on the 1st-step, then you do not need to pay or have a 2nd-step.
  • We keep Electronic Medical records and input all your vaccinations into the state database, so you will have a permanent immunization record for the rest of your career.
  • Same day and next day appointments available!
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Physical Exam Services

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Physical Exam

e7 Health can meet all of your physical examination needs. Our physicals are performed by Board Certified Physicians and Clinicians who can often perform a physical within the same day or next day of your request. We provide both pre-employment and employment physical exams. We can custom design a program that meets your specific employer needs. Employers spend a tremendous amount of money on their employees due to sickness. Poor employee health is expensive. Requiring that your employees have a physical exam done for employment and annually can help cut these costs by identifying candidates who would not be able to carry out the physical requirements of a particular job. This may reduce workers' compensation costs.

We also can perform drug testing, TB testing, lab testing, audiometric testing, vaccines, OSHA medical respirator evaluation, biometric exam, life testing, and more. As part of our employment physical program, we can custom make a program to suit your company's needs.

Types of Physical Exams

e7 Health can do laboratory testing and diagnostic testing for your physical such as:

  • Laboratory Testing
  • Ultrasound Services
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Cardiac Stress Testing
  • Chest X-Rays
  • Audiometric (Hearing) Testing
  • Vision Screening
  • Life Testing
  • OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation
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Drug Testing Services

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Drug Testing

Both employers and individuals often find situations where they need to order a drug test for immediate service or ongoing service for themselves or their employees. e7 Health can arrange same day or next day drug or alcohol testing nationwide at one of our 20,000 collection site locations. Our drug and alcohol testing services are provided for individuals needing drug testing for probation, court-ordered testing, self-testing, drug testing of teenagers and more. For employers and staffing agencies, our drug testing centers can arrange for an immediate drug test for your applicant or employee anywhere in the country. If you are a DOT-regulated company and need to have a DOT compliant drug and alcohol program in place, we are the professionals in establishing and servicing DOT compliant testing programs for the transportation industry. We strictly adhere to DOT compliance standards in all of our testing, which means when you use e7 Health, you can be rest assured that your program will pass a DOT audit anytime.

  • We can help you Implement a drug-free workplace program
  • We can enroll your drivers or employees into random drug and alcohol testing programs
  • Provide drug and alcohol testing for pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, personal, probation and court-ordered purposes.
  • We offer both hair and urine testing. Some urine drug tests can have negative results immediately.
  • We only use SAMHSA certified labs, meaning we perform both initial and confirmation tests for specimen validity and for each drug and drug metabolite.
  • Our labs apply standards of excellence to everything they do. When you are concerned about accuracy and reliability, the SAMHSA credential is the benchmark. SAMHSA certified labs are the gold standard in drug testing.
  • Same day or next day drug testing!
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STD Testing Services

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STD Testing

e7 Health is a very discreet, private STD clinic. We offer same day and next day appointments. STD testing is important to do if you are sexually active, whether you have symptoms or not. Sexually transmitted diseases still cause a significant impact on the U.S. population each year, causing about 19 million new infections annually. If you are not comfortable testing with your regular health care provider about STDs, our clinic can provide confidential low-cost testing. For your convenience, you can make an appointment by phone or online to minimize any wait times. Our professional staff will take you into a private patient room and review all your testing options. All tests are done by a simple blood or urine test, no physical exam is necessary. We offer testing for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas, and Hepatitis A and also have Instant HIV testing where you can receive negative results in 15 minutes. We offer early detection Syphilis and HIV tests so you don't have to wait months for your results to be accurate. We also offer pharyngeal (throat) swab testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. We have Board Certified Doctors and Clinicians available to provide private consultation on testing and offer treatment.

  • We test and treat, while others test only
  • Same day and next appointments available
  • Multiple locations with some open on Saturdays
  • Just tell the receptionists that you are here for "testing"
  • Private consultation rooms to discuss what testing you want
  • Test results usually within 2-3 business days
  • Testing results are available in our cloud-based patient portal, or you may them e-mailed to you or pick them up in-office with your photo ID.
  • Clinician will call you and review all positive results.
  • Private consultation with Clinician before or after testing available for $59
  • We offer early detection HIV testing (as early as 9-11 days after exposure)
  • All testing done with a simple blood and/or urine sample (no physical exam needed)
  • Your credit card statement will discreetly show payment to "e7 Health"
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Lab Services

Laboratory and Medical Services

e7 Health provides comprehensive laboratory testing for personal health, student health, employee health, and travel. We provide a wide array of laboratory and medical services that can be collected at any of our convenient locations. We have same day and next day appointments available! We offer laboratory testing services at deep discount cash pricing compared to other labs. We use the most current and accurate testing methods. We provide upfront pricing and no hidden fees or additional charges. We make the process quick and simple so you can get your lab tests done and get your results quickly. Once we receive and review your results, we will promptly send your results to your secure online portal with our interpretation. All of our tests are HIPPA compliant and confidential. Our professional medical staff will collect laboratory specimens in a comfortable environment, and get you on your way quickly.

Benefits of our laboratory services include:

  • Savings compared to many other labs
  • Accurate testing methods
  • Fast results - Your results will be delivered securely to you by email in usually 2-3 business days (some test results may take slightly longer).
  • Confidential Laboratory testing - e7 Health is as discreet and convenient as possible.
  • Same day and next day appointments!

Many types of lab testing offered

  • STD Testing
  • Blood Titers to check for immunity
  • Blood Type
  • Quantiferon and TB Skin Tests
  • Drug and Alcohol Tests
  • DNA Identification Services
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