Physical Exams

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Employee Physical Exams

We provide both pre-employment and employment physical exams. We can custom design a program that meets your specific employer needs. We also offer physical exams for deployment, executives, Department of Transportation, US Coast Guard, and more. We have same-day and next-day appointments available and allow you to book your appointments online.

Employers spend a tremendous amount of money on their employees due to sickness and lost worker productivity. Poor employee health is expensive. Requiring that your employees have a physical exam done before starting employment and annually can help cut these costs.

These employee physical exams make it possible to increase productivity by identifying candidates who would not be able to carry out the physical requirements of a particular job. Identifying these candidates also helps employers reduce their workers' compensation costs.

e7 Health sends all employee records to the employer electronically via a secure company portal, the same day that the service was performed or once all services involved in the physical exam have been completed.

We can custom design a program that meets any employer's needs as well as pre-employment drug testing, lab work, audiometric testing, vaccines and more. We do employment physicals for a wide array of industries. Additionally, some companies offer an annual wellness physical as part of their benefits package.

This annual physical can save your company a significant amount of money on your employee health insurance by catching preventable diseases early and getting your employees involved in disease management if needed. We can provide an entire array of health screening in disease management, custom-made to your company's needs.

Talk to your insurance provider about how much money you can save by entering a wellness program with us.

What are the benefits of having your employee physical exam with e7 Health?

  • Usually same-day or next-day appointments available
  • Licensed and Board Certified Examiners
  • Minimal wait time
  • Fast results and complete documentation
  • Provides other employee health requirements at the same appointment

How long does it take to receive the results of an employee physical exam?
Results for a basic employee physical exam will be available on the same day. If lab testing or other testing is involved, results may take 2-3 business days depending on the tests performed.

Frequently Asked Questions

e7 Health can provide any additional laboratory or diagnostic screening that your employer may require with your physical exam.

We offer many different types of physicals, for example: Immigration Physical Exams, Well Being Physical Exams, School Physical Exams, Employment Physical Exams, Sport Physical Exams, Foreign VISA Physical Exams, US Coast Guard Physical Exams, DOT Physical exams, etc.

Yes, here at e7 Health we see many different types of physical exam forms and can complete most physical forms that may be required for you.

Most of our routine employment physical exams include reviewing your medical history, weight, height, heart rate and blood pressure. Some employers may have additional services required to complete the physical which e7 Health can provide as well.

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