e7 Health offers every vaccine available in the US

E7Health Offers Preventative Student Health Services for School

Vaccine Services

e7 Health is a preventative health and wellness company. Our company is supervised by Board Certified doctors. We provide comprehensive preventative health and wellness services. We offer same day or next day appointments and allow you to book your appointments online!

Our immunization services include all vaccines available in the US for work, school, travel, and general health.

e7 Health offers all vaccines available in the United States including:

Vaccinations in a Series

If you need vaccines that come in a series, we schedule all follow up doses in advance. We even send you an email reminder when your next vaccine is due! Same or next day appointments are available for vaccinations and laboratory services with minimal to no waiting. e7 Health will provide you an official copy of your vaccine record from the state immunization database.

Vaccinations for Travel

If you are traveling, we offer appointments with a travel medicine doctor or clinician who will review your specific itinerary. Along with your vaccines the travel consultation includes prescriptions that you may need for travel, counseling on food and drink precautions, insect precautions and other safety information.

Vaccinations for Students

Students are often recommended and required to have vaccines for health sciences programs, dorm room living, study abroad programs, or just updating their childhood vaccines. We help students with all of their requirements for vaccines, tb skin testing or Quantiferon testing, titers to check for immunity, drug testing, and physicals. We also offer student discounts with your student ID or acceptance letter.

Vaccinations for Employee Health

Our employee health services also include vaccinations, physicals, audiometric testing, vision screening, lift testing, and laboratory testing. We can work with employers to set up all your pre-employment screening. We can provide services on-site for employers.

Vaccinations for Immigration

e7 Health is authorized by the Department of Homeland Security to provide vaccinations and medical examinations for Immigration and can help you complete your I-693 application. We can perform your vaccine assessment or the complete medical examination depending on your needs. We perform the tuberculosis test, RPR syphilis test, and medical exam required for USCIS.

Download Vaccine Information Statements (VIS)

Recommended Vaccines

e7 Health has ALL the recommended and/or required vaccines needed for your travel:

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It was fast service and I wasn't waiting forever to be seen! I got in and out in no time for my TB testing and reading!

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Great Service! Needed to fly. Needed a Covid test right away. E7 came through!

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Amazing service!

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