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Our immunization services include all vaccines available in the US (excluding the COVID-19 vaccine) for work, school, travel, immigration, and general health. If you need vaccines that come in a series, we will schedule all follow up doses in advance. Same or next day appointments are available for vaccinations and laboratory services with minimal to no waiting. e7 Health will provide you an official copy of your vaccine record from the state immunization database.


Rabies is a progressive infection of the central nervous system. It is caused by a virus in the family Rhabdoviradae, genus Lyssavirus. It is transmitted via bites, scratches, or licks onto open skin or mucosal surfaces by rabid animals.


After a person becomes infected, the period before symptoms appear is variable but is generally 20-90 days after exposure depending on the severity and site of the bite. Sometimes, the incubation period can last up to several years.

Initial symptoms can include:

  • Tingling at the site of the bite/scratch
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Anxiety/Irritability
  • Depression
  • Muscle Aches

Rabies without treatment will then progress to Furious or Paralytic Rabies:

Furious Rabies:

  • Fear of water
  • Spasms of muscles that control breathing
  • General convulsions
  • Ultimately coma and death

Paralytic Rabies:

  • Lethargy
  • Dribbling/Drooling
  • Paralysis
  • Ultimately death


Rabies vaccination is given for one of two reasons,

  1. Pre-exposure prophylaxis: Administering the vaccine series preventatively for people at risk for contracting Rabies
    • Travelers
      • Travelers on long-stay trips in high-risk destinations
      • Travelers on shorter-stay trips in high risk destinations especially if destination if >24 hours away from reliable source of rabies vaccine and rabies immune globulin (treatment for exposure)
      • Travelers in high-risk destinations with extensive outdoor exposure, regardless of length of stay
      • Any risk-averse traveler to high-risk destination, especially though if engaging in high-risk activities. For example, traveler in Southeast Asia visiting Monkey Forest.
    • Veterinarians
    • Veterinary students
    • Animal control and wildlife workers
    • Workers in rabies research, diagnostic, or biologic facilities
    • Spelunkers
    *Testing for immunity or a booster dose of Rabies vaccine is recommended for rabies research and biologic workers, rabies diagnostic lab workers, veterinarians and staff, animal control/wildlife workers and spelunkers.
  2. Post-exposure: Administering the vaccine series after being exposed or possibly exposed to the Rabies virus
    • Post exposure vaccination should be given when indicated as soon as possible but can be given regardless of the time interval after exposure, even if the exposure occurred months or years previously.


The pre-exposure vaccine series is administered in 2-3 doses. It is necessary that the doses follow a precise schedule of day 0, day 7, and possibly a booster on day 21 to 3 years. It is given into the deltoid muscle.

The post-exposure vaccine series is administered in a 4 or 5 dose series depending on certain factors of exposure and the person's health information and should be decided by individual consultation and assessment of each case scenario. e7 Health Clinicians are knowledgeable in Rabies post-exposure prophylaxis. We carry the Rabies vaccine on hand at all times unlike some other clinics which need to special order this vaccine.

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Recommended Adult Vaccines

e7 Health has ALL the recommended and/or required adult vaccines needed for your travel:

Frequently Asked Questions

Rabies vaccines are lifelong.

Yes, rabies can be given the same time with other vaccines. 

No studies have been performed to determine the risk of receiving the rabies vaccine during pregnancy.  However, if the benefit of having the vaccine outweighs a pregnant woman’s potential risk, she should receive the rabies vaccine.

Completion of pre-exposure rabies vaccines should ideally be at least 1 week prior to potential exposure.

Those who are at an increased risk of contracting rabies, such as vets, people who work closely with bats or mammals, and travelers, should get the rabies vaccine prior to potential exposure.

For pre-exposure rabies vaccination, it is a series of 2 or 3 shots given on a strict schedule. For post-exposure, a human blood product, called human rabies immune globulin, is needed, which is injected around the wound multiple times. Post-exposure also requires a series of 4 or 5 rabies vaccines afterwards.

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