Pediatric Travel Medicine

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e7 Health offers pediatric travel medicine consultations with Board Certified clinicians for pediatric ages ranging from infants to children and adolescents. Having a pre-travel consultation is just as important for children traveling as it is for adults. Children are more prone to gastroenteritis and animal bites. They're also likelier to need hospitalization if they become ill, because they become dehydrated more quickly than adults.

Malaria and other mosquito-spread infections are more serious in young children, so making sure to see a pediatric travel medicine clinician for education on the most effective mosquito protection measures and to obtain malaria prevention prescription if needed is of upmost importance.

The consultation at e7 Health will discuss the risks compared to the benefits of the child's participation in the trip. Education on prevention and management of traveler's diarrhea and illness in children traveling will be provided. The pediatric travel medicine clinician can provide prescriptions that your child may need for travel, such as malaria prevention prescription and/or traveler's diarrhea prescription.

The clinician will review routine childhood immunizations that should be up to date for international travel as well as travel vaccinations such as yellow fever, typhoid, cholera, meningococcal, Japanese encephalitis and rabies. Sometimes, routine vaccinations may need to be accelerated to an earlier age for international travel.

Our clinicians can also provide counseling for infants, children, or adolescents with specific risks, such as those with chronic diseases or those who are immunocompromised.

The consultation will review strategies for providing safe water, formula, snacks and food preparation. We will educate you on signs and symptoms of when to seek medical care for your child, if ever needed. We provide you with where to seek safe medical care and emergency phone numbers for the countries you are visiting.

We also provide consultations for adolescents and students traveling abroad. Often, this age group is more likely to take risks and lacks proper judgement. It's crucial to reinforce safety information before travel relating to issues such as assault prevention, STD prevention and drug and alcohol use.

The appointment will include:

  • Thorough risk assessment of travelers health, itinerary and travel related activities
  • Recommendations for routine childhood and travel immunizations
  • Prescriptions for travel such as anti-malarial, traveler's diarrhea, etc.
  • Safety and security advice
    • Travel health and evacuation insurance
    • Identification information
    • Vehicle-related safety
    • Water-related activities
  • Provide advice on how to pack a medical kit for children
  • Insect protection methods
  • Animal bite prevention and management
  • Acute mountain sickness prevention and prescription, if needed
  • Sun protection
  • Age-based considerations

Frequently Asked Questions

If your child will be traveling internationally, it is recommended that he/she meet with a travel medicine doctor or clinician at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to his/her trip.  The travel medicine doctor or clinician will review your child’s specific itinerary, vaccine record, and medical history, and determine which vaccines are required and/or recommended for his/her trip.

e7 Health carries all vaccines that are available in the United States, excluding the COVID-19 vaccine.

Required vaccines for travel are determined based on a traveler’s specific itinerary. You should see a travel medicine expert prior to your departure to determine if any vaccines are required for your trip.

Recommended vaccines are determined based on a traveler’s itinerary, vaccine record, and medical history.  If you will be traveling internationally, seek attention from a travel medicine doctor or clinician.

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