Travel Medicine for Employees

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Travel Medicine Consultation for Employees

The world of business is forever changing and growing, and you may find you or your employees may need to travel the world to keep up with the demands. Let our Travel Clinicians take care of your employees to make sure they have a safe and successful trip. We offer same day or next day appointments and allow you to book your appointments online.

Your employees will start by meeting with one of our Board Certified Travel Clinicians. The Travel Clinician will review your employees' specific itinerary, including activities, accommodations, length of stay and flight plans. The clinician will then review your employees' specific medical history and vaccine history to make sure the employee is getting exactly which vaccines they need, the clinician will explain that some vaccines are good for life, while others require boosters at different time intervals. Once the clinician reviews all vaccines that are recommended based of CDC guidelines and your employees' history, they will review important travel topics and latest travel news for their specific itinerary. The clinician will then go over and prescribe any prescriptions that may be needed such as malaria, traveler's diarrhea, acute mountain sickness, or motion sickness prevention. They will then review and educate the traveler on food and water precautions, insect precautions and safety information pertaining to their specific country of travel. The employee will also have access to the report that will be generated for their specific itinerary that summarizes all the information they were given during the consult so they can continue to access it while they are abroad.

Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine

Consultation for Employees

With the growing global market, many employees travel overseas for business.

e7 Health carries all the vaccines that are available in the United States, once all your employees' questions are answered with the Travel Clinician your employee will receive their vaccines in the clinic on that same day. After the vaccines are given the record of which vaccines were given will be added to the Nevada State Database that tracks all vaccines given to a patient. That report will then be uploaded into our unique Electronic Medical Record where the patient can accesses it from anywhere in the world, as long as they have internet services. We offer same day or next day appointments and allow you to book your appointments online.

e7 Health has multiple options available to set up corporate accounts. We can individualize a business account to meet your company's specific needs. e7 Health can provide you with records of all vaccines and services given at the clinic. e7 Health can almost always accommodate your employees with same or next day appointments. Contact us today to see what e7 Health can do for you.

With the growing global market, many employees travel overseas for business. e7 Health will consult with employees regarding any health risks and how best to protect themselves. We provide Travel Medicine Consultations by reviewing each client's specific itinerary, previous immunizations, medical history, allergies and contraindications, and then offer the following:

  • All appropriate vaccines (based on CDC Guidelines)
  • Draw blood titers in house to prove immunity from previous vaccinations or exposures.
  • Prescriptions for medications as indicated, including
    • Anti-Malarial
    • Traveler's Diarrhea
    • Acute Mountain Sickness Prevention
    • Motion Sickness Prevention
  • Official Yellow Fever Exempt Letters to person which yellow fever vaccine is medically contraindicated
  • Insect precautions and insect repellents
  • Blood Clot Prevention for long air flights
  • Water and Food precautions
  • Current outbreaks and health and safety concerns for areas of travel
  • Pre-travel Checklist
  • Skin and Wound Care
  • Swimming and Water Exposure
  • Safety and Crime Avoidance
  • Consular Information
  • Maps of Malaria and Yellow Fever areas, if appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, e7 Health provides post exposure services any patient that may have been exposed to rabies.

e7 Health recommends as soon as you know you are traveling internationally, the sooner you can come in to have the vaccines administered the better. Some vaccines come in a series and you want to give your body time to build up immunity towards the vaccines administered.

Yes, due to the nationwide Yellow Fever shortage, our Southeast location in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the few clinics in the country that is designated to carry the vaccine throughout the shortage. If the Yellow Fever vaccine is recommended for your travel at our Chicago location, we have a contracted facility that is 3-4 blocks away that we would send you to have that vaccine administered.

We would first schedule each employee an appointment with one of our travel doctors or clinicians. They will go over their specific itinerary and based on the CDC guidelines they will let them know what vaccines and prescriptions are recommended for their trip. They will also go over food, water, safety and insect precautions. The consultation and administration of vaccines can be all done in the same appointment time.

Yes, e7 Health carries every vaccine available in the US at all times including all travel vaccinations.