On-Site Clinics

On-Site Clinics

On-Site Workplace Clinics

e7 Health can provide your Corporation with all employee-health services in the way that serves your needs and helps Corporations to meet all their regulations and requirements.  For small and large companies, it is often difficult to coordinate all employees to have certain preemployment or annual services done in an organized fashion.  Let us help by managing those services for you. 

We can help by leveraging our proprietary technology to serve as an electronic record repository, due dates for employee’s vaccines or tests, invoicing and more.  We can come to your workplace with almost all our services. Vaccinations are recorded into a state immunization data-base and an electronic copy is provided to the Corporation and kept as a record repository for future if needed. 

Our trained medical staff can come to your place of business to provide vaccines, tb skin testing, physical examinations and drug testing.

On-site flu clinics can help save your Corporation time and money by giving your employees an opportunity to be vaccinated that is convenient.  It increases seasonal flu vaccine rates in the workplace and thus decreases lost work hours and sick employees.  Flu vaccines clinics help prevent flu at the workplace and make employees feel good that their employer is offering that service. 

We provide the set-up of the clinic and the clean-up including bio-hazard disposal.  We have flexible hours for on-site to fit your corporations needs. 

e7 Health carries all vaccines available in the US always.  Our physical examinations are performed by Board Certified Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. 

We follow CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines for providing vaccinations and TB testing. 

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