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How do I get a B12 shot?

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Vitamin B12 is a very important vitamin, critical to the function for our health and metabolic function.

B12 has an important role in our metabolism and also:

  • prevents and treats certain kinds of anemia, because it is essential to manufacture our red blood cells
  • supports our nervous system, because it helps to produce the insulating material called "myelin" that surrounds some of our nerve cells and speeds neural transmission
  • is required for the replication of DNA, so without it, new healthy cells cannot replicate normally which can affect the aging process.

Benefits of vitamin B 12 are endless:

  • Boost energy and decrease fatigue
  • Give Mental clarity
  • Helps to decrease irritability and depression
  • Prevent forgetfulness
  • Weight loss
  • To treat certain types of anemia
  • For nerve health
  • Promote healthy skin, hair, and nails (replenished cells)

Better absorption is the key to a healthier happier you!

Who is at risk for Vitamin B12 deficiency?

After age 50, you are more likely to be at risk for Vitamin B12 deficiency due to chronic changes in the lining of the stomach. These changes can interfere with the absorption of B12. Many medications also interfere with the absorption of B12 such as aspirin, antacids, and Diabetes medication. Vitamin B12 injections bypass the stomach resulting in better absorption of the Vitamin.

Who is at risk for Vitamin B12 deficiency?

  • Cigarette smokers
  • Alcohol users
  • People with cardiovascular disease
  • People with Diabetes
  • Vegans or vegetarians
  • Age greater than 50
  • People with stomach and/or digestive issues or history of gastrointestinal surgeries