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e7 Health is now offering IV Nutrient Therapy! According to the CDC, poor nutrition is one of the main risk factors for preventable chronic diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, adult-onset diabetes, and cancer. While the solution is simple (eating healthy), living in today’s society can make it challenging at times to maintain a well-balanced diet. With IV nutrient therapy, getting the key nutrients your body needs is easier and quicker than ever. By taking in essential vitamins and supplements intravenously (IV), the gastrointestinal tract is bypassed, which allows for the nutrients to be more bioavailable for immediate use by our bodies. Take control of your health with e7 Health’s IV solutions!

At your initial visit, you will meet with one of our Board Certified Clinicians to discuss your individual needs and determine which IV will best help you achieve your goals. One of our trained licensed Registered Nurses will administer the IV, which will be infused over an hour. In the meantime, you can kick your feet up in one of our comfy recliners and relax in a peaceful spa-like setting with no distractions. e7 Health’s IV solutions will help rejuvenate your body so you can resume your life feeling refreshed and recharged!

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***For safety reasons, only patients receiving services will be allowed in the office. ***

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Booster Injection Packages

Lipo-Mino Mix - Booster Injections - e7 Health

Lipo-Mino Mix - $49.99

This booster is packed with fat burners, such as MIC (methionine, inositol, and choline), carnitine, and B-vitamins.  When taken in conjunction with a proper weight loss program, Lipo-C may help you shed fat quicker and more efficiently!

L-lysine - Booster Injections - e7 Health

L-lysine - $49.99

This essential amino acid helps promote wound healing and aids in antibody production.  It may help decrease stress and anxiety hormones and increase growth hormone production.

Glutathione - Booster Injections - e7 Health

Glutathione - $39.99

Glutathione is a “master antioxidant” naturally found in our bodies but decreases with age or under certain oxidative stress.  It helps support our immune system and detoxifies the body from free radical damage to our cells.

B12 Injection - Booster Injections - e7 Health

B12 - $29.99

B12 is a vital B-vitamin that helps with red blood cell production.  It also helps increase energy levels and may help promote weight loss.

B-Complex Booster - Booster Injections - e7 Health

B-Complex - $39.99

This booster contains five B-vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6.  All are essential to energy production, efficient digestion, healthy brain function, and helps promote overall well being.

IV Therapy Packages

Hydration IV Solution - e7 Health


The human body is composed of about 60% water, which is why it’s important to stay hydrated!  Replenish your body with this solution that contains a liter of fluid loaded with key electrolytes your body needs.

Supercharged Myer's IV Solution - e7 Health


This IV is a higher dose version of Dr. John Myer’s Cocktail.  It is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that are great for general nutrient supplementation and may benefit those with chronic illnesses, such as depression, fibromyalgia, and cardiovascular disease.

Athletic Performance IV Solution - e7 Health


If fitness is what you seek, then this solution is a must!  It contains three key amino acids: Ornithine, Arginine, and Citrulline that help enhance the release of human growth hormone and promote strength and endurance.

Weight Loss IV Solution - e7 Health


If you’re looking for that extra something to escalate your weight loss program, then look no further.  This IV solution contains L-carnitine, which is an amino acid that aids in the body’s fat burning process to help you shed weight more efficiently.

Migraine/Pain Relief IV Solution - e7 Health


If the traditional over the counter pain relievers are no longer cutting it, then the Lidocaine and Ketorolac in this solution may be your saving grace!  It also includes a dose of Magnesium, which helps relax the blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

Stress & Anxiety IV Solution - e7 Health


Can’t seem to unwind from life’s daily stressors?  GABA is the key ingredient in this solution which promotes muscle relaxation and decreases anxiety.

Late night/Hangover Relief IV Solution - e7 Health


If the festivities of last night are still haunting you this morning, then allow the electrolytes, B-vitamins, Ketorolac, and Ondansetron in this solution rehabilitate you back to life!

Vitamin C IV Solution - e7 Health

VITAMIN C IV SOLUTION - $199.99 / $229.99

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect our cells from free radical damage.  Boost your immune system and energy levels with one of our two vitamin C concentrations: 25g and 50g.

Anti-Aging IV Solution - e7 Health


From your hair, skin, and nails, to your body’s basic cells, your body will thank you for this solution.  It contains L-carnitine, L-glycine, L-lysine, and Glutathione – all essential to the building blocks of you.

Super Immune IV Solution - e7 Health


Give your immune system the boost it needs to help fight and prevent illness with Glutathione, Tri-Aminos, B-Complex vitamins, Ascorbic acid, and Zinc, all in one convenient IV!

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