e7 Health offers Employment Physical Exams

Doctor giving patient a physical exam

We provide both employment and pre-employment physical examinations. We can custom design a program that meets any employer's needs. We can also do pre-employment drug testing, lab work, lift testing, and audiometric testing. We perform employment physicals for a wide array of industries as part of our employment physical program. We can custom make a program that suits your company's needs, such as biometric testing, drug screening and much more. We offer same day or next day appointments and allow you to book your appointments online!

Additionally, some companies offer an annual wellness physical as part of their benefits package. This annual physical can save your company significant amount of money on your employee health insurance by catching preventable diseases early and getting your employees involved in disease management if needed. We can provide the entire array of health screening in disease management custom-made to your company's needs. Talk to your insurance provider about how much money you can save by entering a wellness program with us.

We are a convenient facility with a professional medical staff. Use our employee exam form or if you have your own form we can review that as well to complete.

We regularly provide employee exams for health care workers, hospital credentialing, teachers, travel, government contractors, and more:

Other types of physicals we perform:

  • Visa Physicals
  • China Foreigner Visa Physicals
  • Australian Visa Physicals
  • New Zealand Physicals
  • Saudi Arabia Physicals
  • Mission Trip Physicals
  • Cruise Ship Physicals
  • Coast Guard Physicals
  • Peace Corp Physicals
  • Boy Scouts Physicals
  • Reality Show Physicals

What are the benefits of having your employee exam with e7 Health?

  • Usually same day or next day appointments available
  • Licensed and Board Certified Examiners
  • Minimal wait time
  • Fast Results and Complete Documentation
  • Provides other employee health requirements at the same appointment:

What options does an employer have for using e7 Health for exams?
We can provide pre-employment exams for your company, annual exams, fitness-for-duty, or otherwise customize your employee health program. e7 Health can easily and quickly set up company accounts for easy invoicing and results of your employee's medical exams.

How long does it take to receive the results of an employee physical?
Results for a basic employee physical will be available on the same day. If lab testing or other testing is involved, results may take 2-3 business days depending on the tests performed.

Frequently Asked Questions

This can depend on your job category. Some employers do require a physical in order to start employment with them.

The Clinician will listen to your heart and lungs and look in your eyes, ears, nose and throat. They will also palpate parts of your abdomen to check for abnormalities and check your reflexes, usually in your knees and ankles.

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